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15th Annual Festival of Trees
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The Festival of Trees Fundraiser is held annually to aid the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas in its mission to protect and keep safe the families that fall victim to domestic and sexual violence in our community.

One of DVACK’s clients shares her story:

Martha lived a happy, healthy life. She was a proud mother of her grown children, peacefully retired and living independently with a small plot of land. As many do, her children moved away from Kansas to start their own families. However, one child remained close by. Although a wise elderly woman, she did not see the early signs of abuse. It began with isolation and being cut off from her other children. She was told that they were busy and simply did not have time to reach out to their mother. Next, her son began to cut community ties as well, as it was not necessary for Martha to drive, go grocery shopping, go to the post office, attend church or any other social activity. He disguised his actions as concern in trying to help keep her safe and that he was merely taking care of her. Physically and socially isolated, Martha was forced to become more and more dependent on her son. As a doting mother, Martha did not question his directives to cook, clean and continue to care for him as well, regardless of her frail body. Once completely vulnerable and hidden from others, the physical abuse began. Her son would restrict her food and water intake and dictate when she was allowed to rest and sleep. He constantly demanded her to perform physical labor in and out of the home and when he felt she was not moving quickly enough or meeting his standards he would beat her and pull handfuls of hair out of her head. This became Martha’s reality and her life for several years. One day, against her son’s instruction, Martha stole a moment in time and drove into town. She decided today would be the day. Upon intake at DVACK, Martha was literally skin and bones, had severely failing health and was suffering from exhaustion. To our staff, her words will never be forgotten, “Had I stayed there a day more I would have died.”

~ Martha -—DVACK Client

There are several ways YOU can help 
make this year's event another SUCCESS and help us continue to serve individuals like Martha!

Attend the event with your friends, family, or business,
Become an event sponsor,
Contribute a silent auction item,
Decorate a beautiful Christmas tree or lit wreath,
Advertise your business in our event program,
and much, much more!

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