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14th Annual Festival of Trees
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The Festival of Trees Fundraiser is held annually to aid the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas in its mission to protect and keep safe the families that fall victim to domestic and sexual violence in our community.

One of DVACKís clients shares her story:

Life hasnít always been easy, but whose really is. Regardless, I never thought I would experience the trauma I did. Iím a middle-aged woman with a college education who has always had a job since I was young. For most of my life I have worked with children, first in the school system and more recently as a live in nanny. I worked as a nanny for a well-to-do household, taking care of the children and began to feel like one of the family. I worked for several years, watching the children grow and sharing in their milestones.  Life seemed good and I adored my career. Then I was injured in an accident, as a result I became dependent on my employer; I was vulnerable.  This was the point everything changed.  The abuse started slowly. First comments and innuendos, then exposure and eventually the sexual assaults began. I felt trapped; if I stayed silent and appeased his sexual advances I could maintain my employment, but if I spoke out or went against him I would lose everything. Desperate, I reached out to my family for help, but with his prominent status no one believed me; just like he said. This went on for years. I fell into a deep depression and saw no other way out; I attempted suicide. Little did I know, my attempts to end my life would actually save me. While hospitalized, I was introduced to DVACK. I told them my story and learned that I was not alone and what had happened to me was a form of human trafficking. Upon being dismissed from the hospital, I went to the DVACK shelter where I lived for an extended period of time. I had always lived a middle-class life with lots of freedoms and amenities, but he had stripped me to nothing. I had to start from the ground up and rebuild myself and my future. While there, I began to heal. I met several amazing people while in shelter. I worked with advocates to regain my self-worth, find my strength and start my life anew. DVACK truly is my saving grace. Not only did my advocates help me heal from the horrendous abuse as an adult, I was able to address abuse from my childhood as well. If it was not for the caring, compassionate advocates and endless support, I would not be the person I am today. I am proud to say, I am a survivor!

~ O.J. óDVACK Client

There are several ways YOU can help 
make this year's event another SUCCESS and help us continue to serve individuals like O.J.!

Attend the event with your friends, family, or business,
Become an event sponsor,
Contribute a silent auction item,
Decorate a beautiful Christmas tree or lit wreath,
Advertise your business in our event program,
and much, much more!

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